Mise au point – XenDesktop4 VS View4

Suite aux dernières déclarations de Vwmare concernant View 4:

“The only protocol designed and built ground-up for desktop. ICA/RDP are designed for applications not for desktop”

“Superior experience from LAN to WAN”

“Seamless desktop experience: rich media and graphics, multimedia, progressive build, productivity applications, USB”

“Flexible access from multiple devices”

Citrix a décidé d’engager Miercom, une société indépendante dans le benchmark réseaux.

Voici un extrait de leur conclusion:

• XenDesktop uses 64% less bandwidth than View 4 (with PCoIP) for typical desktop workloads

• XenDesktop uses 89% less bandwidth and 65% less CPU for Flash video when using our HDX MediaStream for Flash feature

• Overall, XenDesktop provides a better “Quality of Experience” as quantified by Miercom

• As a result, XenDesktop is significantly more capable of scaling and meeting end user requirements

Télécharger les documents:

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